This is story of us. The story of  ordinary people…

Let’s see what people -who wants to run away from their ordinary life- do? Or not to seem arrogant let’s look at my own life instead:

I am taking the same lessons, exams with 300 classmates, riding the same bus with hundreds of city dwellers, having lunch at the same cafeteria with dozens of people. I pose in front of the same city icons like thousands of tourists have posed before. I had typical relationships with ex-girlfriends. I have many friends but can feel real friendship only with a few, like everyone. That’s all.

Shall I throw my daily life directly to the garbage? It is huge part of my life!


True satisfaction of life doesn’t come from the places, people, money, music etc. The point is the relation between them and us. To make this connection real, you have to capture the moment and fight for the meaning. Your basic material can be a mountain view, a stray cat/dog, a person who you don’t even know.

Even though we can remember only extra-ordinary memories from the past, invisible objects of our ordinary life effect on our emotions and thoughts more. So it’s somehow what makes us who we are. That’s why I want to make those objects visible and respect for ordinary life. I call this motivation ‘Ordinarism’.

Here is the philosophy: You must capture the moment, discover the meaning in and make it yours forever!


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