A guy who likes challenges

I guess I met the film charecter of Barney Stinson in real life. When I was in Amsterdam, a young guy approached to me and asked ‘Do you like challenges?’. I answered ‘Yes, sometimes.’ Then he pointed a black, handsome guy next to him who wears an elegant suit and told me about their challenge:

”This guy came across me and asked if I like challenges. I said yes I do. He challenged me to a game on convincing a prostitute to have sex with him for free in Red Light District. If he lose he will give 100 USD to me. If he win, I will give my shoes and will have to go home barefoot.”

I turned to face ‘the guy’ with confused eyes and he explained ”It is so easy to have sex with a hooker. Just give 50 Euro and go inside for 20 mins. Let’s make it interesting with a challenge”  Afterwards I learned he is from USA and was in Amsterdam for a business. He told me he likes to make this kind of challenges for fun so often.

I watched his impressive effort on prostitutes, with the young guy for a while.


I feel I am still alive when I make a difference by my own desicions. Life is like a metro which takes you in only one direction when you are inside. I know it’s arguable if it makes sense when you even put a meaning in life, but at least it’s better than a meaningless one. Many people are shaped by the life, which is easier way to live for sure, but meaninful way is to shape the life by desicions … To choose the difficult way! To make a challenge!


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