Innocent Romantic Teenager

Sometimes you scream in the box you live in, hoping someone’s going to hear you. Sometimes you hear some calls for help. A marvelous cry…

I was in an Ukranian City next to the Polish border.  It was the second day of the biggest journey of my life. I was walking alone in front of Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet Building. Then I saw her…

She was sitting over there, next to the fountain. All her beauty… She didn’t know about me but I saw her and that means communication has already started on my side. I couldn’t stay away from her and started to observe. I took my notebook out of the bag and pictured the moment by words. Everybody around the fountain was doing some physical activities. But she’s just been sitting there and thinking. At first I felt like she is waiting for me. Even though we didn’t know each other before, I felt like she get dressed and went outside to meet me that day. I felt there is something belong to me in her and I had to learn what it is.

After 50 minutes, I couldn’t stand anymore and went to speak with her. Because I knew that whenever I remember that moment I ‘d feel a slight sadness in the rest of my life, if I wouldn’t. She liked how I expressed the situation I am in and let the bridge between us build. Time has passed, I asked her to stay with me for the dinner. She made a phone call with her family to keep them informed she’ll be late.

During the dinner in restaurant, this idea crossed my mind when I saw napkins on the table. I asked ”You write something on this napkin in Ukranian and I will do the same in Turkish language. We will exchange napkins. But we won’t translate them till a few weeks later. In this way; when we translate/read them, we will get right back in time and add some communication to the same memories from different cities and dates” She loved the idea, and we did it.

I actually believe in people. I think children consist of all innocent sensations of love, passion, sympathy etc. No pretence. Both their tears and smile are trustable. But they loose their innocence by killing childish side of their soul while they grow up. The girl was an evidence of my thesis as an innocent teenager who still protects her childhood inside.

It was almost midnight. She was so late. We had to run till we get her home. While we were running we hold each other’s hands and then even though we didn’t think about it, we stopped and started kissing.

What did made her to stay with me ? I think she just wanted to feel a strong feeling against something.  She wanted to be a part of someone’s life. She wanted to live in someone’s memories. Someone from so far…So the meaning of the memory can remain unchanged. If her main aim was really what I think, she has completely achieved her ambition by beeing  the symbol of Lviv and innocence for me.

By the way; I translated what she wrote on the napkin after one month. It was much more than a memory. I went back to that night to live the romantism again as I had planned. So I proved that:Time travel is possible !


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